Welcome to Removal Services.

We can be contacted on our toll free number 1800-679-789 any time.

Thank you for your foresight and wisdom by expressing interest in the removal services group.

The future now is based on computer technology; there is no more accurate way of bringing your company to the forefront of public attention both within Australia and worldwide without even knowing your business name.

You are in complete control of your own web site. No other businesses in the group can access your information; it is totally up to you. Removal Services as host control the overall web site, but can only alter your information at your own request.

You may be nervous not being completely computer literate. There is nothing to worry about! We supply you with 100% back up; feel free to call us on our toll free number anytime Ph: 1800 679 789.

If you don't have computers, don't worry you can still have a web site that your customers can access. If you currently have a web site, again with a few small changes this can be altered to gain the benefits of belonging to a professional group of independently owned removal businesses.

Our aim in putting this group together is to put the small independent removal companies on the map, provide cheaper costs by affiliating members in a friendly manner whilel leaving the control of the individual companies in their own hands.

There are many benefits involved with this site -

Customer Benefits

This is the cheapest way to be accessible to the world. Internet is the way of the future - you have to be in to win. 75% Australians own computers. Other forms of advertising are not affordable Australia-wide.

You choose the services you want to offer in your area. You can work in with your local freight/storage companies. Bringing additional business to them as well.

Option to offer specials to customers.

Inventory provided in a quick easy manner.

Open 24 Hours a day

Benefits for your own administration:

You will receive monthly newsletters and have opportunities to add your input.

Online quoting, obtaining a quote and replying. You can also enter your own quotes through the customer site and send it, the quote will appear on your admin site with the cubic meterage worked out for you.

The quotations will stay on your computer for as long as you want unless you delete it yourself.

Top 10 Search engines, Australia and worldwide.

No more customer under estimating.

Labour Hire between affiliated members

Group advertising for quiet times (Let's face it we all have these!)

Quick messaging between members.

Loads between destinations

You have your own username and password that no one else can access.

If you wish to get an idea how your administration site will work we have made a sample site for you to view:

Our suggested method to view all aspects would be take the following procedure:

Enter the Customer Web Address, as above selecting the services you require. When asked for a postcode enter: 9999, this will take you to a sample company called Larry's Removals, complete the inventory and submit.

Then enter the Administration Site address as above; enter the password: sample and username; sample - the quote you entered through the customer site will appear.

If you have any problems at all don't hesitate to call and we can take you through it over the phone.